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Bedroom Furniture Buyers Guide

A wide variety of bedroom furniture including beds, dressers and bedside tables

Finding the task of selecting the perfect bedroom furniture challenging? It can be difficult to choose items like bedside tablestallboyschests of drawersdressing tables that work well together, in order to create your ideal bedroom style and look. 

We often choose our bedroom furniture in the moment, on the basis of limited time, limited budget and practicality. Little thought and planning often go into the items we select, and this usually means that we end with bedroom spaces that feel disjointed and impractical. You may end up with furniture you don’t need, or items that are too large or too small for your space.

Before you head out to buy new bedroom furniture, consider the following:


The best bedroom furniture is furniture that you love! No one wants to wake up every day to a room that just doesn’t feel like ‘you’. Style might not be everything, but in a space as personal as your bedroom, it should be a key consideration. Before you go shopping, think about your own personal aesthetic and what kind of environment you want your bedroom to be. Because it’s a space for rest and relaxation, it’s usually best to opt for pared-back pieces, colours, materials and objects that allow your bedroom to feel like a sanctuary. Think about the existing colours, materials and styles that you currently have occupying your room, before choosing new pieces. Thinking about what your style currently is, and what you want it to be will help you create a more cohesive look when selecting new pieces. At Bedshed we have a range of different style options available to suit a range of different tastes and budgets.

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An important tip to remember when buying bedroom furniture is to measure your space before purchasing anything new. It’s a common mistake to run out and buy new furniture without checking measurements, only to get items home and discover they’re much too large for your space. Avoid a layout dilemma by checking dimensions.

Another thing you should consider in the bedroom is scale. Furniture can be used to create drama, or to make a room feel larger, cozier or more free-flowing. A large headboard for instance will draw the eye and make a statement, whilst a low platform bed will make your bedroom feel clean and simple. If you’re looking at buying a bed, or buying bedside tables and other furniture, think about how they will look in your space. A lot of large furniture items can make a room feel crowded and smaller, whilst items that are too small can make your space feel sparse.

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Lastly, you’ll want to consider the capacity of your bedroom. Think about what items you need to store in your bedroom, as the amount of storage you require will factor into the type of furniture you choose. Bedrooms that need minimal storage may opt for simple, streamlined furniture items. If you require more furniture in your bedroom, you may want to look into furniture with clever hidden storage and plenty of capacity. Your bed frame can double as a place to store linen, books, out-of-season clothes and other belongings - some of our bed’s even include in-built headboard shelving!

Once you’ve figured out the basics, it’s time to figure out what kind of furniture is available.

The Dion bed frame


Your bed is indisputably the most important bedroom furniture item in your bedroom. It’s the space where you sleep, and also likely to be the largest furniture piece in your bedroom. It’s important that you choose your bed based on both style and practicality. Your bed should be a good fit with your personal style, and also comfortable, durable and sturdy enough to provide proper support to your mattress.

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Enzo timber tallboy


Tallboys, as the name implies are designed to be 'taller' than other bedroom furniture storage options, meaning if it’s additional storage space you are after, a tallboy is certainly your best option!

Tallboys have now gone beyond the simplicity of a typical 6 drawer set, many options now include features such as cupboards and smaller drawer space, jewellery compartments and even mirrors. Buying a tallboy can be a great way to sort clothes storage in bedroom’s that have no in-built wardrobes.

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Valletta timber dresser with a mirror

Dressing Table

The dressing table is often used as a key statement piece in a master bedroom; the drawers provide convenient extra storage space for clothing with the top drawers perfect for jewellery, accessories and makeup. The Dressing table also has the bonus of a mirror, complementing any room and also making the room appear bigger. Similar to the tallboy, many dressing table options now have additional features such as compartments especially designed for jewellery as well as built in lighting. If you’re looking at buying a dresser, browse our range online.

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Bedshed Georgia timber tallboy

Chest of drawers

Chests are designed specifically to arrange and organise your smaller items as well as free up your cupboard and drawer space! The slim design also means it won't take up too much space in your bedroom, it can fit into most closets and is a perfect furniture piece for your en-suite.

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Ashville timber bedside table

Bedside tables

Bedside tables are like the bookends of your bed. They frame your space and provide somewhere for you to keep the items you may need during the night close.

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Visit your local Bedshed store today, for assistance in selecting your next bed, bedside table, tallboy, dresser, chest of drawers or desk. Happy Furnishing!


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