Boys Bedroom Ideas

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Image Credit: ‘New room’ by Philippe Put, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

Decorating and furnishing your kid's bedroom is the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun. Here are some tips for creating a functional space you both love.

Choosing boys bedroom furniture

Before you start shopping for new bedroom furniture, take some measurements to determine the space you have to work with and outline what you need in terms of storage. There are many children's bedroom furniture options, so starting with these two requirements in mind will allow you to narrow down the options from a functional standpoint before you get caught up in colours and materials.

  • Use our Bedroom Planner Tool to visualise how our bedroom furniture will fit in your room.
  • Need to fit ample storage in a small room? The Felix Bedroom Suite features convenient built in bedhead storage.  The bookshelf provides a handy space for bedtime story books and soft toys, while the fold out cabinet is perfect for extra winter bedding.

Choosing a boys bedroom theme

While setting an appropriate environment for a good sleep, a boy's bedroom should also reflect his interests. Whether your son loves the ocean, dinosaurs or the colour green– try to find ways to bring through his preferences and interests in the overall theme. 

  • Adding a theme to a boys bedroom can be as simple as selecting coordinating bedding and decorative accents or can be extended through the lighting, floor mats and even furniture.
  • Considering a nautical theme? Our Darcy Blue Bedroom Suite includes an optional boat-shaped bookcase that will set his imagination adrift.

Choosing boys bedroom colours

By now your imagination has likely run wild with boys bedroom ideas and themes, but there are a few specific things to consider when selecting wall colours:

  • Dealing with a smaller room? Avoid dark colours as they absorb light and make the room look smaller. Light and bright colours are better options, as they are more reflective, making the space appear larger.
  • Want a colour that will stand the test of time? While dramatic colours can provide greater impact, they are usually less adaptable to changing tastes. If you want something that will grow with your son, choose a neutral palette.
  • If it's colour you prefer, add a feature wall. You can get your son's input by selecting his favourite colour. However, be mindful that brighter hues such as red may affect sleep and behaviour.
  • Check out our post on selecting suitable colours for your child's bedroom for more tips.

Choosing boys bedding

Bedding is a great way to bring a theme into a kids bedroom as it can be changed every few years without breaking the bank. Select a quilt, sheets and pillows in bright colours, bold patterns or other themes your son loves. 


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