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Which kids mattress size should you choose?

A guide to choosing the right mattress size for kids

Mattresses come in all different shapes and sizes - and so do kids! When buying a kids mattress, there are a lot of things to consider, and one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the size of their mattress. Kids grow so quickly, it can be hard to determine which mattress size is most appropriate for their stage of development. Should you get a Single mattress, or will they outgrow it in a week? If you’re looking for guidance and advice on finding your kids a comfy mattress, then read on below. You’ll find all the best tips on choosing the right size mattress for your kids right here!


Age and stage

When choosing a mattress for your kids, it’s critical that you consider what is age-appropriate for them. Full-size mattresses can present a danger to babies and toddlers, even when they are placed on the floor. Typically, you’ll want to keep them safe from falling out of bed in a crib or cot up until about the age of 2-3 before you start to make the transition to their big kids bed.

For kids that are old enough to sleep safely on a standard bed, it’s important to find a mattress that will accommodate their needs now and in the near future. A good quality mattress will generally last around 8 years, so keep that in mind when choosing a mattress size to suit your child. A pre-teen may fit on a single mattress right now, but after just a year, you might find that their feet are hanging off the end of the bed!

A single bed

Single mattresses for kids

Dimensions: 920 mm x 1,880 mm

If your toddler is ready to make the transition to their first big kids bed, then a single mattress is a great place to start. Single mattresses are the smallest standard size in Australia, but they still provide plenty of room for young children to spread out. Kids around the age of 2-3 will get a lot of use out of a single mattress as they’re unlikely to outgrow it for years. Their space saving qualities make them perfect for younger children as well, as a single bed will allow more room for toys and play. Parents will also appreciate that they are a cost saver! Single mattresses for kids are often the cheapest out of all of the size options available; if they’re not going to need more room for quite a while, why spend more than you need to? If you buy a larger size mattress for your toddler, you’ll only find that you need to replace it by the time they actually need the extra height and width.

A single bed

Single long mattresses for kids

Dimensions: 920 mm x 2,030 mm

If you’re purchasing a mattress for a slightly older kid, then you may want to consider a single long mattress. Single long mattresses are the same width as a single, but with a bit of extra height added, to give your kids more room to stretch upwards. They’re great for kids going through a growth spurt, or taller teens, especially when space is an issue in their bedrooms.

A single bed

King single mattresses for kids

Dimensions: 1,070 mm x 2,030 mm

A king single mattress is a great option to consider for kids and teens of any age. They’re the same height as a single long mattress but wider - perfect for kids who like to stretch out in all directions! If your kid is over the age of 5, it’s a good idea to consider a single long or king single mattress size, as they’re better for accommodating the growth that happens throughout childhood and the transition into adulthood.

A double bed

Double mattresses for kids

Dimensions: 1,380 mm x 1,880 mm

Double mattresses are useful in a couple of situations. Firstly, they’re great for kids who like to roll around at night and for kids who don’t like to share a bed. If your kid often asks you to lie with them while they fall asleep, then a double mattress may be a lifesaver! They’re also great for teens who may not need space in their bedroom for toys and who would prefer a wider bed because they’re about 310mm wider than a king single. They’re not the best choice for taller kids though, as they’re shorter than the other mattress sizes (even single mattresses are longer). If you’re thinking about purchasing a double mattress, it’s best to wait until your kids are at an age where they’re unlikely to hit another big growth spurt and find themselves too big to fit into their bed.

If you’re still looking for tips on choosing the best mattress for your kids then we’d recommend reading our Best Mattress for Kids Guide.

Already know what you’re looking for? If you’re just looking for some great mattress recommendations, head over to our mattress selector tool to find the perfect one!

What’s next?

Got the perfect mattress but still need the bed frame to go with it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Bedshed has a great range of beds to suit any kid's bedroom. Whether you’re just looking for a bed frame that’s the right size for their mattress or a full bedroom suite for a complete bedroom makeover, you’ll find what you need at Bedshed. You’ll even find beds with storage built-in, and bunk beds or trundles that are great for sleepovers and shared bedrooms available.

For help finding the right one, visit us in-store today or start shopping our kids bedroom range online!

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