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19th Sep 2021, 01:06:30 AM

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Is my mattress making my shoulder hurt?

Is my mattress making my shoulder hurt?

Getting a good night’s sleep allows us to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go about our day. We all need proper rest in order for us to focus and feel energised during our waking hours, but unfortunately those suffering from shoulder pain can find it extremely difficult to enjoy quality sleep. A stiff or sore shoulder can make it hard to fall asleep and can wake you up throughout the night. So, let’s talk about some of the possible causes of shoulder pain and what you can do to sleep better!

What is causing your shoulder pain? 

There are a number of common injuries or other conditions that can be aggravated by your sleeping position or your mattress. If you have a rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, bursitis, or shoulder impingement syndrome for example then you may find yourself struggling to get comfortable at night.

Of course, your shoulder pain can also actually be caused by your mattress or sleeping position

Why do my shoulders hurt when I sleep?

Many people find that shoulder pain can be a lot worse at night. Throughout the day you’re more likely to be distracted and with your mind on other things, pain is less likely to bother you. At night time, there are no other distractions and so you might notice it more. Many people also find that moving around and keep their shoulders flexible can keep pain at a minimum, but at night when you’re moving around less you may struggle with stiffness. Some sleeping positions can also put a lot of pressure on your shoulder which can cause pain.

Side sleepers experience a number of benefits from their sleeping position, including easing digestion issues, snoring and acid reflux, but they also often face shoulder pain. If you’re a side sleeper who wakes up with sore shoulders then it’s possible that your mattress might not be the right one for you. Mattresses that provide adequate pressure relief should not leave you feeling sore and achy in the morning. For optimal comfort, a mattress should not be so firm that it pushes against your shoulders and hips, but it also should not be so soft that you dip or bow into it.

What mattresses can help me to avoid shoulder pain? 

Tempur Mattress | Bedshed

When trying to manage or avoid shoulder pain, 'zoned' spring mattresses like the Kingsdown Crown Imperial, Insignia Platinum mattress and the SleepMaker Physio mattress can help. These are designed to offer different levels of compression in different areas of your body in order to ensure you achieve proper spinal alignment. Mattresses that use memory foam or other pressure relieving foams, such as the Tempur mattress range and Chiro Synergy mattress range are also great for providing relief from shoulder pain at night. They are designed to meld around the contours of your body, helping to gently support your body for a comfortable, restful night’s sleep.

Another option to consider is an adjustable bed. An adjustable base can be adjusted perfectly to your position. This is great for helping to manage injuries and to help alleviate pain, especially when your doctor may have recommended that you sleep in a position that is difficult to achieve on a traditional mattress.

Tips for avoiding shoulder pain

So, what can you do to enjoy a good night’s sleep without hurting your shoulders?

Supportive Pillow | Bedshed


Use a supportive pillow that will keep your spine properly aligned

Consider sleeping on your back | Bedshed


Consider sleeping on your back

Align your spine with a Bedshed Mattress


Put a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side to align your spine

What to remember…

Don’t let your mattress be a pain in the shoulder! The shoulder is a delicate, but important part of the body and experiencing stiffness or pain in this area can really throw out your day, not to mention negatively impact the quality of your sleep. By choosing the right mattress and taking a few simple steps to relieve pressure in the area, you can make sure you’re as comfortable as can be!

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