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King vs. queen mattresses: which should you choose?

King vs. queen mattresses: which should you choose?

Once again, you’ve woken up feeling at least 20 years older than you actually are. Back aching, sore neck, and bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. And you’ve come to a conclusion: it’s time for a new mattress. That’s where all the questions come rushing in, what type, what brand, king or queen? We’ve got the first question you need to answer covered, with a king vs. queen mattress comparison.

What’s the difference between a king and a queen mattress?

The basic difference between a king and a queen mattress is that the king is larger. King mattresses are wider than queens, but the same length - if you were to sleep on one with your partner, it would be like having a single bed each (but longer). A king mattress is 193cm wide and 203cm long, while a queen mattress is 152cm wide and 203cm long. Queen mattresses are larger than single and double mattresses, so they are still quite spacious, but a king takes it to the next level. For a full run down on the range of size options available to you, check out our bed sizes guide.

King Bed Mattress
193cm wide x 203cm long

Queen Bed Mattress
152cm wide x 203cm long

Factors to consider when choosing between a king and a queen mattress

Sleeping companions

For most couples, a queen mattress will have plenty of space - that’s what makes them the most popular mattress choice overall. Even though it’s not the largest size, it ticks all the boxes by still giving couples enough room to spread out if they like. But if you’ve got kids who like to snuggle into your bed some nights or a big dog that sleeps on the end of the bed, then a queen can get a bit crowded. King mattresses can easily fit a couple, a kid or two, and a dog, without anyone feeling squashed.

Bedroom size

So, you’re in the mattress shop and are instantly impressed  by how luxurious the king mattress is - so you spontaneously buy without checking your bedroom size. It’s a common mistake and you would probably end up without any walking space in your room. King mattresses are suited to large master bedrooms, where they can add to the grandeur and will have plenty of room on either side. However, queens can fit into smaller master bedrooms and secondary bedrooms. For help finding the perfect mattress in a size that most suits you, try our handy Mattress Selector tool!


It makes sense that the larger the bed, the more expensive it will be. Of course, the cost depends on the quality and brand of the mattress as well, but on average, kings cost more than queens do. So, if you’re looking to save money, and you don’t have lots of kids or pets competing for bed space, then the queen is probably the right choice. However, for such a big investment in your health, if you can afford a king and know your sleep will benefit from it - then choose one of those!

Body size

Your mattress choice really depends on your own requirements, there’s no rule that is applicable to everyone - especially when it comes to different body types. Couples who have larger body dimensions may prefer a king mattress, as they will have more space to move around. Whereas a single, tall person may find a queen necessary over a double mattress - some even choose a king for the ultimate spread-eagled luxury!

Sleeping position

Everyone has a preferred sleeping position and this can impact your choice of mattress. A single person will be able to fit comfortably on either a  king or queen, no matter what their sleeping position is. However, couples may need a bit more space if they are both back sleepers because this means they usually splay out like starfish and take up more room. Side-sleeping and stomach-sleeping couples will find a queen large enough.


Another often-overlooked factor: how easy is it to move the mattress? If you’ve got a historic home with small halls and doorways, then a king-size mattress might be hard to manoeuvre. They are also heavier and more difficult to lift, so it will be a proper job just to flip the mattress every few months - which may be annoying if you’re living on your own.

Which one is right for you?

There’s no catch-all answer here. It’s just a matter of considering every factor and deciding what suits you the best. If you have kids, pets, and a partner, or you just like a spacious bed, then a king mattress is probably best. However, if you want the mattress that suits most people, with plenty of space for a couple or single to enjoy - and it’s not too pricey or awkward to move around - then a queen is a winner.

Need some in-person advice?

Sometimes, you just need someone to walk you through your choices in person - so why not drop by one of our stores and chat with an expert? Our friendly staff are full of mattress knowledge and ready to explain whether you should pick a king or a queen mattress.


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