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How to decorate a small bedroom for a teen

Young girl's bedroom with timber bedroom suite

Has your teen got a small bedroom? Don’t let that limit their creativity.

It’s possible to turn even the tiniest space into an amazing retreat that your teen will love. These ideas for teens with small bedrooms are all about reflecting their personality and maximising space with clever use of storage. Read on below to get inspired, or visit us in-store for more ideas

Start with their style

To make the most of a teen’s small bedroom space, you should first understand what their style is. What’s on their wish list? If they’re into a more modern or contemporary look, they will probably be open to a more streamlined bed – but if they prefer classic style, statement headboards or lots of colours, that’s a good starting point to know that you may need to spend some time thinking about scale.

Think about scale

Making use of a small space is all about getting the proportions right. If a bigger bed is important to them, consider an option with underbed storage or shelving on the headboard as this can help to save space. If they love patterns and bright colours, look for smaller prints that won’t overwhelm the space. Try to choose pieces that won’t take up too much space on the floor as well. A single compact bedside table with a drawer for storage may be all they need beside their bed, instead of two, and a lower chest of drawers may take up less visual space when placed at the end of the bed.

Storage matters

Choose furniture that does more than one job, as this will help to keep a small space feeling organised and well laid out. A bed should double as storage space for seasonal clothes and spare bedding, or may even be used as a daybed during the day so that they have a space to hang-out with friends and play video games. A desk could double as extra storage for personal items if it had a drawer in-built, and if floor space is limited, consider wall mounting shelves instead of keeping a bookcase in their room.

Use colour wisely

Teens tend to love bold and bright colours and it can be fun to include them, but be mindful that they can easily overwhelm a small space. If they love vibrant colours, consider introducing them through décor and soft furnishings or with an accent wall, rather than painting the entire space. You might also add colour and pattern to a room through a rug or artwork on the wall.

Consider a trundle bed

If your teen is a social butterfly who often has sleepovers, a trundle bed may be a good idea. Trundle beds come with a pull-out with space for an extra mattress, so they’re ideal for adding a spare bed to a bedroom that can easily be tucked away when it isn’t in use. At Bedshed, we stock a wide range of trundles in a variety of styles to suit different bedrooms.

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