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Why am I so tired in the spring?

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Why do we all feel so tired and lethargic when spring rolls around? The sun is out, new life is blooming and yet many of us feel grumpier and more fatigued than ever. Well, truth be told, there’s actually a lot of reasons why you might be feeling sleepier in spring. Read on below to find out about some of the factors at play.

Seasonal adjustments

It takes time for our bodies to adjust to seasonal fluctuations - we’re often a step behind nature. Longer days and warmer weather in the spring can be disruptive to our sleep-wake cycles, which is why you might find yourself wanting to doze off in the middle of the day. There are also a number of biological changes that our bodies go through in the warmer months as we move away from winter, and this can affect how well we sleep. As time goes on and we adjust, many of us return to our normal sleep patterns - but it can take several weeks. So, what can you do to keep disruption to your sleep cycle to a minimum?

Planning your bedroom to maximise sleep quality can make a huge difference - spring is a great time to update your bedroom. For help with the layout, speak to our experts in-store.

We’d recommend keeping your sleep space as consistent as possible year round - this means you’ll want to control light, temperature and comfort. Keeping your windows covered with a light blocking blind will prevent sunlight from entering your room and waking you in the morning, it’s also a good way to insulate your bedroom to keep the temperature within a comfortable range. For a comfortable night’s sleep year-round, we would suggest investing in a mattress with cooling properties. For help finding the perfect mattress, try our online mattress selector. High quality sheets and blankets will also ensure a better night’s sleep at any time of year.

Warmer weather

In spring, temperatures begin to climb and this can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to sleep quality. Many of us are unable to fall asleep when it’s hot, as our bodies actually need a slight fall in core temperature to start our sleep cycles. So, what can you do to enjoy a better night’s sleep when it’s hot out? Read our top tips in our article ‘How to sleep in the heat’.

Springtime allergies

Hay fever and sleep, it’s not a good combination. In springtime, an increase of pollen in the air leaves many people dealing with allergies and hayfever, and this can actually have a big impact on how well rested we feel. Pollen and other allergens tend to cling to our clothes and hair, so they’re easy to carry inside and as a result a lot of us find ourselves feeling sniffly at the worst possible time - when we’re trying to get some shut eye. For this reason, hayfever and snoring often go hand in hand. Most people with hay fever will know that they’re snoring, but it’s also possible that you may not realise! A lot of people wake up wondering why the feel so sleepy in spring, or go to bed feeling fine only to discover they’ve got a stuffy nose in the morning. If you’ve got a partner, it might not be only you that you’re keeping away either! Hay fever snoring is a common complaint among couples as the weather gets warmer.

It could be that you just can’t get to sleep at all, many people with hayfever find they can’t sleep. Congestion, itchy eyes and a pounding headache rarely equal quality rest!

Mattresses are often a prime culprit for triggering our allergies as they tend to collect dust, pollen and other allergens over time. Combatting hay fever can be as simple as keeping your mattress clean, but there are other things you can do to relieve the symptoms in the spring in order to get a better night’s sleep.


Ever noticed that spring is kind of noisy? There’s an abundance of bird life around, and it’s also when we start to hear our neighbours more often as people begin to emerge from winter hibernation to complete their yard work, spring clean their homes and let the kids outside to play in the sun. It’s a nice time of year, but it can make sleep difficult. If noise is a concern for you, we’d suggest trying some background white noise as this can help to drown out of external distractions. Try to set your bedroom up towards the back of your home, away from road noise and keep the head of your bed away from the window as this can help to reduce the chances of you being woken up to the sound of the neighbours dog barking!

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Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it’s hard to enjoy it if you’re not getting enough sleep! Luckily, we’re the experts in helping our customers get a good night’s sleep at any time of the year. Stop in for a visit and speak to our friendly staff for all of our best tips and advice on setting your bedroom up for spring, summer and everything in between!

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