The ultimate guide to bed sizes | Bedshed

The ultimate guide to bed sizes

A size guide for mattresses

In this article, we’ll take you through the most popular mattress sizes and offer some insights into what’s best for you and your family - because at Bedshed, we want all of you to get the best night’s sleep possible!

When it comes to choosing a new mattress for your bed, there are a few things to consider. Along with the obvious factors like budget, you also need to take into account how you like to sleep, who shares your bed, the size of your bedroom - and the size of you!

Bedroom priorities will vary for every person, so talk to the experts at Bedshed and we’ll give you all the helpful tips and facts you need to help make the right mattress choice for how you love to sleep.

Comparing mattress sizes at a glance


920mm (W)x
1,880mm (L)

Single Long

920mm (W)x
2,030mm (L)

King Single

1,070mm (W)x
2,030mm (L)


1,380mm (W)x
1,880mm (L)


1,530mm (W)x
2,030mm (L)


1,830mm (W)x
2,030mm (L)

Super King

2,030mm (W)x
2,030mm (L)

Mattress sizes at Bedshed

Single Bed Mattress

Single Mattress

920mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)

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As the name suggests, this bed is the standard size for a single person. Being the smallest in the range of bed sizes, the single mattress is perfect for kids or for those with smaller bedrooms. If you’re looking to buy a single bed for yourself, consider upsizing, our Bedroom Report reveals that half of the people who sleep in a single bed, wish they had a bigger bed.

How much space do you get?

The single bed is shorter than a single long mattress by 160mm, although it is the same width. Compared to a king single, you’ll miss out on 150mm of extra space. A single bed offers plenty of space for toddlers and children, but taller adults might find their feet hanging off the bed!

Recommended for: toddlers, children & small bedrooms

Single Long Bed Mattress

Single Long Mattress

920mm (W) x 2,030mm (L)

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Getting the right bed size doesn’t have to be a tall order! Now you can stretch out on a single size bed with a single long mattress. Why should you choose a longer bed? Well, according to our Bedroom Report up to 38% of Australian’s wish they had a more comfortable mattress.

How much space do you get?

Tall people rejoice! single long mattresses come with an extra 160mm of length compared to single’s, making it a more appropriate choice for teens and adults. However, there won’t be more room to roll around because the width remains the same. If you need more space to spread out, consider the next size up - a king single will give you an extra 150mm of width!

Recommended for: children, teenagers, single adults

King Single Bed Mattress

King Single Mattress

1,070mm (W) x 2,030mm (L)

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Are you in desperate need of more space? Well it might be time to supersize the standard single bed with more width as well as more length. The added dimensions make this option the largest sized bed in the single bed range. Perfect for that pre-teen that’s just had a growth spurt!

The king single is perfect if you’re one of the 33% of Australian’s who wish they had a bigger bed (according to The Bedroom Report).

How much space do you get?

You’ll get an extra 150mm of width on a king single bed compared to a single or single long mattress, and an additional 160mm of length over a single mattress. If you’re sleeping alone it doesn’t get much better than a king single, although you’ll get a decadent 460mm’s of extra width on a queen mattress.

Recommended for: children, teenagers, single adults

Double Bed Mattress

Double Mattress

1,380mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)

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Sitting between the king single mattress and the queen size mattress, this option offers great value, and often makes it the first choice for apartment living.

The double bed size gives you the extra space you’ve been dreaming of, especially if you’re one of the 1-in-7 Australians who eats snacks in bed (according to The Bedroom Report).

How much space do you get?

Did you know that a double mattress is the same length as a single? It does however have an additional 460mm of width over a single and an extra 310mm of a king single. Despite the extra width, a double bed is generally not recommended for couples who prefer their space when they’re sleeping! If you need more room to roll around, then consider upsizing to a queen bed, which has and additional 150mm of width and 160mm of length in comparison to a double bed.

Recommended for: teenagers, single adults

Queen Bed Mattress

Queen Mattress

1,530mm (W) x 2,030mm (L)

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A queen bed offers the luxury of loads of space for the single sleeper, yet can still accommodate two adults for a good night’s sleep. Plus, you also enjoy the extra length as well as width over the double bed size.

65% of couples sleep in a queen size bed, making this Australia’s most popular size mattress ( The Bedroom Report). Find out why the queen bed is so popular!

How much space do you get?

The queen mattress is the perfect size for adult sleepers and couples! Wider by 150mm than the double bed, and taller by 160mm, a queen mattress offers enough space for a couple to sleep comfortably side-by-side.

Recommended for: single adults, couples

King Bed Mattress

King Mattress

1,830mm (W) x 2,030mm (L)

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Live like a king – and sleep like one, too! The king size bed provides the ultimate sleeping space for couples. Of course, the extra space is an open invitation for kids and pets who love to crash your morning slumber.

The king mattress is the perfect choice if you’re one of the 1 in 5 Australian’s sleep with their pets ( The Bedroom Report).

How much space do you get?

King mattresses are sized at a luxurious 1830mm across, giving both you and your partner close to a single bed’s worth of sleeping space each! (Find out how this compares to the US California King!) A king mattress offers an additional 300mm of width over a queen mattress - but if you’re really about that space - get an extra 210mm of width on a super king mattress.

Recommended for: couples, families, pet owners

Super King Bed Mattress

Super King Mattress

2,030mm (W) x 2,030mm (L)

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Super-size your sleep with the super king mattress! As long as it is wide (you’ll need to check your room dimensions for fit) the super king offers enough space for the tallest, fussiest, most restless sleepers.

Be warned - kids and pets will love joining you in bed in the morning and you’ll have no size related excuses to fend them off! In most cases, if budget and space allows, it’s worth choosing the next size up – most people eventually find themselves wanting a larger bed!

In fact, our Bedroom Report shows that even 29% of people who sleep on a king bed want a bigger mattress!

How much space do you get?

The super king is king among the mattresses sizes! The largest in Australia, you’ll get an incredible 2040mm of both length and width with the super king mattress, which is essentially a giant square. With 210mm width then the king, the super king is truly luxurious and perfect for those who want room for the whole family.

Recommended for: couples, families, pet owners

*Mattress size guide measurements are indicative as a 20mm tolerance is within normal manufacturing standards.

Mattress buying considerations

Mattresses and Beds | Bedshed

There are a few key considerations that every mattress-shopper should keep in mind when trying to find the perfect mattress size.

Who is the mattress for?

The first thing you should consider when trying to find the correct mattress size is who will be sleeping on the mattress. Are you buying it for yourself? Will you be sharing it with a partner? Is it a bed for your kids or a guest room? Do you regularly find yourself sharing the bed with kids or pets? Not all mattresses were created equal! Whilst some mattress sizes are ideal for dorm life at university, or a kids bedroom others a more suited to palatial-sized master bedrooms or family homes. Take stock of who might be sleeping in your bed now and in the future!

What is your budget?

When it comes to your budget for buying a new mattress there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, many people will be tempted to spend on a larger bed – because bigger is always better right?

Whilst extra space is always nice, sometimes it’s worth it to opt for a smaller size if it means you’ll buy buying a mattress made from higher quality materials. Whilst getting the right-sized mattress is important to a good night’s sleep, it’s not the only factor!

When comparing sizes, it is also worth it to consider the cost difference. The price of most mattresses ranges increases incrementally with each size. If you’re torn between deciding on a mattress and its next size up, think ahead to the future - the jump from a single to a queen mattress is likely worth the extra money in the long run!

Finding a well-priced, high quality mattress is all about smart shopping and asking the right questions – come in and speak to the friendly staff at your nearest Bedshed store especially if you’re of the 25% of people who are always looking for a bedroom bargain! ( The Bedroom Report)

What is your height and weight?

It’s important to consider the height and weight of the people who will be sleeping on your mattress. Are you buying the mattress for a growing child or a teenager? You may want to opt for a longer bed to give them room to grow.

Sharing the bed with your partner? Make sure you choose a mattress that’s long enough to accommodate the tallest person who will be sleeping on the bed. Consider how much space you need to sleep comfortably side-by-side, if you both need more space when you’re sleeping then a king or even super-king sized mattress might be more appropriate than a queen.

According to our Bedroom Report, 31% of people complain that their partner hog’s the bed!

What sleep position do you prefer?

You should consider your favourite sleeping position when finding the right mattress size to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Whilst there are some people out there who like to curl-up into the foetal position, others prefer to starfish. If you don’t want to find yourself rolling off the bed in the middle of the night, or waking up to cold arms and legs, then it’s important to test out a few different bed sizes. Lie down in your favourite position, roll around and discover just how much room you’ll really have at each size.

According to our Bedroom Report, 51% of Australian’s are side sleepers whilst 46% sleep on their back.

How big is your bedroom?

An important practical consideration when buying a new mattress or bed is whether or not it will fit in your room.

For a functional bedroom space, you should be able to comfortably walk around your new bed and navigate any bedroom furniture without knocking anything over! As a general rule you should keep at least 75cm of clearance around your bed. Before purchasing a new mattress or bed frame, make sure you measure your bedroom space and consider the placement of your bed.

Storage beds and furniture are a great solution for small spaces if you’re trying to upsize your bed – don’t be one of the 22% of Australian’s with a floordrobe! (according to our Bedroom Report).

Beyond bed sizes there are a range of factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep. If you need help finding the perfect mattress to suit your health needs, comfort preferences and price range then check out our handy mattress selector tool.

What about your bed frame?

Size matters but so does your bed frame when it comes to a comfortable night’s sleep! The right bed frame will offer the correct support for your mattress and can also contribute to the functionality of your bedroom – at Bedshed we have great storage and space saving solutions available!

Storage Beds | Bedshed

Storage Beds

Maximise the space in your bedroom with a clever storage bed with smart solutions like under bed storage, headboard shelves or even a lift-up base!


Bunk Beds | Bedshed

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are an excellent space saver for kids bedrooms. Leave more room for play-time and be prepared for slumber parties with great vertical bed solution and enjoy peace of mind – Bedshed bunk beds pass all relevant Australian safety standards!


Kids Beds | Bedshed

Kids Beds

Support your child’s perfect mattress with a safe and durable bed frame designed for tiny toddlers, kids who need extra storage, or teen’s looking to add some style to their bedroom.


Timber Beds | Bedshed

Timber Beds

Add a touch of traditional style to your bedroom with a timber bed frame! For a whole new bedroom look, get a matching bedroom suite!


Upholstered Beds | Bedshed

Upholstered Beds

For a touch of bedroom glamour, support your new mattress with a beautifully upholstered bed frame available in a number of colours and styles.


Whether you’re sizing up your options or thinking about the next size up, Bedshed has the full range of bed sizes to suit everyone, from all the quality brands. We’ll help you find the perfect size mattress, for the perfect night’s sleep!

If you need more help deciding why not head into your local store to speak with one of our bedding experts! You can find your closest store here.


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