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Best mattress for your body type

Best mattress for your body type

If you ever wake up feeling like you just went ten rounds with Mike Tyson or toss and turn throughout the night, it could be a sign that there’s a problem with your mattress. 

Sometimes the problem is age, or size, or quality - but sometimes it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Your mattress could be brand-new, in excellent condition and designed with all the mod-cons (like a nice comfort layer and zoned support) and still cause you discomfort because it’s simply not right for your body type. 

When we go shopping for a mattress, many of us think about factors like our comfort preferences and our budget, or how much space we have available in our bedrooms, but we don’t always think about our body type and how it might affect the quality of our sleep. 

Sure, you might think about your height and how long you’ll need your mattress to be, or how wide you’ll need it to be to accommodate your broad shoulders, but have you thought about where your mattress will feel comfortable for your shape? A curvy side sleeper is very likely to find that they have different needs to a buff back sleeper! 

To help you choose the perfect mattress for your body type, we’ve created this helpful guide. Read on below to find the perfect mattress for your needs!

Body types

Understanding your body type is important because it can help determine what kind of support you need from a mattress.


The rectangle shape is characterised by shoulders and hips that align with about the same width. Rectangular body shapes generally have the fewest pressure points on a mattress of all the body shapes.


The triangle shape has hips that are bustier than the shoulders. They often experience pressure around the hips.


The hourglass shape has a bust and hips that align at about the same width. They often experience pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Inverted triangle

The inverted triangle has narrow hips with wider shoulders and bust. They most often experience pressure around the shoulders.


Pear shaped  is characterised by a smaller upper body, including the bust and shoulders, and a larger lower body, including the hips and thighs. They most often experience pressure around the hips.

Which type of mattress is for your body type?

Spring mattresses

Many of us are familiar with the bouncy feel of a traditional innerspring mattress. They offer a lot of support, so they’re often perfect for heavier sleepers and stomach sleepers because the coils offer firmer support while you rest, but they can sometimes feel too firm for those with lighter body weight. If you have an angular body, you may also find that a spring mattress may feel less comfortable - especially on your side or your back. A spring mattress that pushes back against your shoulders or your hips may leave you fully achy and uncomfortable. If your body shape is less rounded, opt for a spring mattress with softer comfort layers.

Memory foam mattresses

If you're a fan of materials that can contour to your body, memory foam might be your ideal mattress material. It's a popular choice that can relieve pressure from your joints. In fact, every kilo of body weight can put approximately 9 to 13 kilograms of pressure on your knee joints, making memory foam an excellent choice for those with achy joints. It's particularly great for light sleepers.

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are designed to provide the best of both worlds by combining the support of innerspring mattresses with the comfort of foam mattresses. They have a mix of coils and foam layers, providing a balance of support and pressure relief. Hybrids are ideal for sleepers who want the support of coils but also need pressure relief on their shoulders and hips. With its versatility and comfort, the hybrid mattress is suitable for most body types.

What else should I consider?

Once you’ve decided on the best mattress material for your body type, there are other factors to consider that can impact your quality of sleep. Your sleeping position, weight, and level of support all play an important role in selecting the right mattress.

Sleeping position

Knowing your preferred sleeping position is crucial in finding a mattress that offers the right support, pressure relief, spine alignment, and overall comfort. Side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers all have different needs. Here’s a quick summary:

Side Sleeper

If you sleep on your side, it’s important to ensure that your shoulders and hips are properly supported and relieved of pressure. Softer mattresses are often preferred by side sleepers to avoid developing pain in these pressure points.

You can find out more here.

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers need a mattress that keeps their body flat and aligned. Medium-firm to firm mattresses are recommended to provide the support necessary for optimal comfort.

You can find out more here.

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers require a supportive and firm mattress that will keep their body in a straight line, with their hips elevated to prevent lower back pain.

You can find out more here.

Height and weight

When choosing a mattress, it's important to consider your weight and height. Your weight can affect the weight distribution across the mattress and determine the level of support you need for a comfortable sleep. 

Lightweight sleepers tend to do best with soft mattresses, while heavier sleepers may need a firmer mattress. 

Similarly, your height is an important factor to consider when shopping for a mattress. The ideal bed for a shorter person at an average weight versus a taller person at a heavier weight will differ significantly.


It's also crucial to choose a mattress that provides the right support for your body's needs. For instance, if you suffer from back pain, you'll want a durable and supportive mattress with zoned support. Shoulder pain requires a soft mattress with pressure relief for both shoulders and hips, while joint pain benefits from a pressure-relieving mattress.


The size of your mattress is another important consideration. You may want to check out the Bed Sizes Guide to pick the perfect size for you.

Need help?

Selecting the perfect mattress requires thoughtful consideration and research. Taking the time to consider your weight, height, sleeping position, and any specific support needs you may have is essential in choosing a mattress that will provide optimal comfort and restful sleep.

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