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Can your mattress fix back pain?

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A mattress can be both the cause and a relief for back pain. For those who wake up regularly feeling stiff and sore, it’s often a bad mattress that is the culprit. If your discomfort is caused by a lack of support whilst you’re sleeping then the perfect solution may be as simple as finding the best mattress for back pain. The right mattress may also help sufferers of chronic back pain or injury experience some relief at night whilst trying to sleep.

So, if back pain is keeping you awake at night or causing you problems throughout the day, how can you identify if your existing mattress is the problem? And how do you find the best mattress to fix your back pain? Check out all the latest tips from Bedshed below.

Is your mattress hurting you?

If you find yourself in pain on a regular basis, or feel that you’re tossing and turning every night then your mattress may be the reason why. There are a few simple ways to identify whether your mattress may be responsible for causing (or contributing) to your back pain:

Your discomfort is at its worst in the morning

If you wake up every morning feeling absolutely awful but feel like you improve throughout the day then that’s a pretty good indicator that your mattress is problematic. If you’re not well-rested when you wake up in the morning feeling sore, it could be because your mattress is either too soft or too firm. A mattress that is not firm enough will cause your muscles to work hard to support your spine throughout the night, whilst an overly hard mattress will put pressure on your joints and push your spine out of alignment. Without the proper support you could find yourself facing serious health problems long term or find yourself experiencing painful, debilitating conditions like a slipped disc.

You toss and turn at night

If you can’t get comfortable at night and feel like your back is aching when you’re in bed then it could be because your mattress is putting too much pressure on your body.

Your mattress is out of date

If your mattress is well beyond its expiry date then there’s a good chance that your mattress is no longer providing the support you need for a good night’s sleep. Generally, most mattresses will need to be replaced every 8-10 years or so.

Looking for some mattress tips from the experts? Read our blog on what to look out for.

Preventing back pain

If your mattress is the reason for your back pain then replacing it with a new one suited to your needs could be an instant fix and could help to prevent you from experiencing other issues further on down the road.

Fixing back pain

If you suffer from injury or a chronic condition related to your back, then certain mattresses may be able to help you treat or address the problem. Some mattresses, like the SleepMaker Lifestyle mattress are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy association, with their unique Miracoil spring design offer great back support and can help to alleviate pain. Mattresses that mould to the contours of your body, such as the Tempur foam mattress range can also be very helpful for taking the pressure off of your body, especially when paired with an adjustable base which may be used to help you to get into sleeping positions recommended by your doctor.

Sleepmaker Lifestyle | Bedshed

What to look for in a mattress

Whether your back pain is caused by your mattress or something else, it’s essential to find an option that suits your health needs and comfort preferences. Here’s what you should look for when buying a new mattress:


One of the first and most important things you should look at is the support that mattress provides. When trying to combat back pain, support is your best defence. A mattress should be designed to be responsive to your body, compressing and decompressing in the right areas and providing just enough push-back to keep your spine properly aligned. We recommend testing mattresses before you buy – if it feels like your mattress is sagging or allowing your back to ‘bow’ then you’re not getting enough support. When checking the support levels of your mattress, we also recommend checking the foundation underneath it. A bed base or frame that doesn’t offer enough support can impact the performance of your mattress, turning it into a hammock underneath you. With the purchase of a new mattress you should also consider investing money in a new bed frame as well, to ensure that you’re getting the correct level of support.

Pressure relief

It’s also important that you buy a mattress that offers a bit of ‘give’ so that your muscles are able to relax. Your mattress should take the pressure off of your body, this means it should compress underneath areas like your shoulders and hips rather than pushing against them. Some mattresses, like the SleepMaker cocoon mattress, are zoned to provide better pressure relief in key areas.

Sleepmaker Cocoon Juniper Plush King Size | Bedshed


Many hot sleepers will struggle to get to sleep at night, and find themselves waking more often. All that tossing and turning can leave you with aches and pains after a very restless night’s sleep. For a cooler night’s sleep, we’d recommend the Insignia Chiro Synergy range, the copper infusion within the mattress is capable of absorbing your body’s heat like a sponge, helping you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. You might also consider Tempur’s Breeze mattress which uses 3D cooling material to circulate air better.

Insignia Chiro Synergy Mattress | Bedshed

Not sure what your support needs are? We recommend visiting a showroom to find a mattress that’s right for you or try our handy mattress selector!

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