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Double vs. queen mattresses: which should you choose?

Double vs. queen mattresses: which should you choose?

There are only a few purchases you make that last for years and have a major impact on your well-being: a car, a house, and perhaps, your mattress. Choosing a mattress is an important decision that you should take the time to think about. And when you’re making this choice, one of the biggest considerations you will have is about the size - you may ask yourself about double vs. queen mattresses, and wonder which one you should go with. This article will help you figure out the answer.

What’s the difference between a double and queen mattress?

Simply put, the queen mattress is bigger than the double mattress. It’s the step up in size, with king mattresses coming after the queen and singles coming before the double. Double mattresses are about 137 cm wide and 188 cm long, which is the same length as a single, while queens are about 153 cm wide and 203 cm long, the same length as a king. Queen mattresses are the default size - the ones you find on showroom floors - and that’s because they are the most popular mattress size. But this doesn’t mean they are always the right choice.

Queen Bed Mattress
153cm wide x 203cm long

Double Bed Mattress
137cm wide x 188cm long

Factors to consider when choosing between a double and a queen mattress

Couple or single?

This is the main question you need to ask when deciding between a queen and a single mattress: are you sharing the bed with anyone else? Whether it’s a partner, kids, or even a pet, it will impact how much space you need. If you’re single (and don’t have any kids or pets hogging the bed), then a double mattress should give you plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy whatever sleeping position you prefer. However, if you’re in a couple, a double will be quite cramped and a queen is usually the perfect size.

Body dimensions

Not all couples will find that a double is too small and a queen is perfect. If one or both of you have larger body dimensions, then the queen might be too small and won’t allow space for stretching out or enjoying some space from each other. Also, if you’re a tall single person, a double might be too short for you, so a queen would provide ample leg room. However, if you are of smaller stature (and so is your partner) then you could find the double big enough for two people - which gives you the opportunity to save some money!

Bedroom size

When you’re in a mattress-buying frenzy, the bedroom size is often forgotten - and it doesn’t turn out well. It’s always a good idea to measure your bedroom before getting a new bed, because when the mattress is too big it can make the room feel very cramped. Seeing what size you can fit in your room may make your decision between a queen and a double mattress.


On average, queen mattresses cost more than doubles. So when you’re making your choice, you can decide whether a queen is a necessity that’s worth the extra cost or whether you would be alright with a double. But make sure you don’t create your own discomfort by only thinking about the price! A mattress is one of the major investments you make in your own health and it’s not a good idea to compromise on that.

Sleeping position

Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for - the excuse to get a queen mattress just for you. Everyone has a preferred sleeping position and whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, it will impact your mattress choice. Lots of back sleepers like to spread eagle out across the bed, so this could mean a double just isn’t big enough! Also, if you’re in a couple and both of you spread out on your backs, then a double definitely won’t be big enough. Another thing to consider is whether you cuddle your partner or prefer your own space, as a double would only fit couples that like to be close when they’re sleeping.

The verdict

Basically, the answer depends on what your sleeping style is, there is no fundamentally better choice between the double and queen mattress. 

If you want some shortcut answers though, here’s the overview:



Queen mattress



Double mattress


Tall singles/couples

Queen mattress


Small singles/couples

Double mattress


Saving money/space

Double mattress

The main thing to remember is to prioritise your comfort and sleep health - if you and your partner need the extra space of a king in order to sleep well, then get one of those!

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