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King vs. Queen mattress: what should you choose?

Couple sharing a bed, facing away from each other

It’s 6am on a Saturday and you’ve been woken up by a swift knee in the ribs. You’re lying along the very edge of the bed and your partner is lying diagonally across the middle with a serene look on their face.Sound familiar? 

Before you smother them with a pillow, take a minute to think about whether it might be the size of your bed that is causing the problem. A bigger mattress might be all you need for a good night’s rest! 

If, like many couples, you share a queen bed - it may be time to consider an upgrade. For a comparison of king vs. queen mattresses, read on below!

What’s the difference in size?

King Bed Mattress
1,830mm (W) x 2,030mm (L)

Queen Bed Mattress
1,520mm (W) x 2,030mm (L)

It’s no secret that the big difference between a king and queen mattress is the size. We all know that a king is bigger, but how much bigger are we talking exactly? A queen mattress is around 1,520mm in width by 2,030mm in length and a king mattress is 1,830mm in width by 2,030mm in length. 

Meaning: their length is identical, but the extra width on the king gives you around 30cm of extra room to roll around in! So, a king would be perfect for a spread-eagled sleeping style.

How to decide between King and Queen size beds

Who do you share the bed with?

Partners, children, pets - the family you share the bed with are often the deciding factor when choosing between a king and a queen size mattress. Usually someone sleeping on their own has plenty of space in a queen (but don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the luxury of a king if you’re single).

If your partner moves around all night, leading to an unromantic elbow in your ribs or you have a clingy fur baby who likes to spread out right in the middle of your bed, then a king size mattress may be what you need.

This doesn’t mean couples can’t fit on a queen, most of them find there’s plenty of room for two people on a queen size mattress. When a couple chooses to upgrade to a king it’s mostly because of restless sleeping or unique, sprawling sleeping positions.

What’s your sleeping position?

Don’t forget, it could be you that’s the elbow-er! Make sure you consider your own sleeping position and whether you have enough room to sleep comfortably. Perhaps even ask your partner whether your sleeping position makes them feel at all cramped. 

If you’re after an easy rule to follow, then the general recommendation is that back and stomach sleepers need more space and side sleepers need less.  So, if you and your partner are both back sleepers who sleep like side-by-side starfish, then a king size mattress could make things much more comfortable and spacious.

Also, the body dimensions of you and your partner will play a part in your mattress decision. For larger people, a king mattress will provide a bit of extra space so that you can move around more easily and stretch out.

Keep budget in mind

You may have already guessed that a king size mattress will be more expensive than a queen. But there’s also the fact that if you’ve been using a queen or double bed frame, you’ll have to get a whole new bedroom set to go with your king. It’s just a matter of weighing up whether the extra width is worth the price. If you’re a cost-conscious single or you and your partner are both motionless side sleepers, then perhaps a queen is the way to go.

Consider bedroom size

The consideration most likely to fly from your head when you're testing a dreamy king mattress in the store is: will it fit in your bedroom? No matter how desperate you are for that new bed, take the time to measure your bedroom. You should leave one metre of space between your bed and the bedroom furniture and walls. Also, some older people or people with disability need to allow more space around the bed for safety and ease of movement.

But it’s not just about these logistics, it’s about how the bed will make your room feel. In a small bedroom, a king can look oversized and make things cramped. Generally, a queen is the right size for a room that’s a minimum of 3 metres by 4 metres and a king will fit nicely in one that’s about 4 metres by 4 metres.

Prioritise your comfort

Comfort is king when it comes to a good night’s sleep, so if you need a luxurious king size bed, then get one! A great night’s sleep can have amazing knock-on effects, including improving your mood and productivity, boosting your immune system, and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Want an in-person king vs. queen mattress test?

Any excuse to spend a relaxing hour laying on a bed right? If you need to look at the mattresses in person - to test the feel and visualise them in your bedroom - then visit us in-store! Otherwise, we’ve got a handy mattress selector to help you decide. 

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