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The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in any home. We all use them differently, but for almost all of us, they’re a space to relax and recharge. If you're due for a bedroom update then why not transform it into the ultimate space for a staycation? With just a few simple tweaks you can turn a relatively unremarkable space into a luxe resort-style escape. You don’t need to be an interior designer! With the right bedroom furniture and some personal touches, you can make your bedroom a space you love.

Here’s some tips from Bedshed to get you started.

Go in with a plan

The first step to designing any bedroom space is to know your layout. Before you go shopping, it’s important to think about your space. Firstly, how much room do you have to work with? A tiny bedroom with a small footprint may not have room for a king bed, whilst an enormous bedroom is going to feel unfinished if it is sparsely decorated. Measure your room from end to end to calculate how many square feet you have available to you, and make sure you keep those measurements in mind when purchasing new bedroom furniture. There really isn’t anything worse than bringing a new bed or a new chest of drawers’ home, only to discover it won’t fit your bedroom.

Stick with a cohesive look

This doesn’t mean everything needs to match. It means you should choose one aesthetic and stick with it. Find a style you love and carry it through all the elements of your bedroom, rather than mix and matching vastly different design sensibilities. If you love coastal styling for instance, then opt for white timber pieces or raw natural materials for your furnishings. A bedroom that feels like it all ‘fits’ together in some way is going to look a lot more luxe than one with a random assortment of different items. Taking the time to make deliberate choices will make your space feel much more considered.

Check out the Bedshed Pinterest board for bedroom style ideas by theme.

Invest in quality pieces

Luxe bedrooms don’t have to be expensive, but you should consider investing in some key pieces throughout your bedroom. Your bed frame and mattress for instance are a good place to spend a little extra if you have it available. What do all great hotels have in common? Great beds. The bed is often the largest item in any bedroom, so this is your chance to make a statement. To create something uniquely you, try our online Mix & Match selector for headboards and bases, or visit us in-store to discover our Mix & Match Infinity range - there’s an almost endless array of options to choose from. A bed frame made from high quality materials will communicate grandeur from the moment you step into a room, and there’s nothing more luxe than being well rested – a comfortable, indulgent mattress will provide you with the blissful night’s sleep that you’ve been looking for.

Keep it uncluttered

Less is more when it comes to creating a luxury bedroom. Clutter and busyness in a bedroom space can contribute to feelings of stress and keep you awake. Make your bedroom a calm space where you can relax by keeping surfaces clear of anything unnecessary. Try to remove any obstructions from your floor too and make sure there is enough space for you to comfortably walk around your bed.

Make it multipurpose

Your bedroom’s main purpose is for sleep, but giving it a little bit more purpose can make it feel more like a getaway. Even just a simple accent chair in the corner can be a nice touch and will make your bedroom feel cozy and well thought out. If you truly want to make your bedroom feel luxe, then a reading nook, a study corner or just a space to sit is a great addition.

Want expert advice on turning your bedroom into the luxury space of your dreams? Visit us in-store today, our helpful bedroom experts would be happy to help you find bedroom furniture to suit your budget and style.

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