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Declutter your bedroom: the cheat sheet

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We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and so it's important to make sure they're tidy and clutter free. Nobody wants to have to wake up to a mess every morning, or navigate a minefield of clothes, toys and other items when trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Not only is it unpleasant to deal with, and a possible tripping hazard, but it can also negatively impact your sleep. Numerous studies have shown that your bedroom environment impacts on the quality of your sleep. Calm, clean spaces are much more conducive to enjoying a great night's sleep, every night.

So, how do you keep things neat? With tips from Bedshed, of course! Keep this cheat sheet handy and it'll be easy to keep your space feeling super zen every night of the week.

Work smarter, not harder with storage

Various storage solutions

Hack your way to a better organised bedroom with clever storage pieces that do double duty. Instead of investing in multiple pieces to store clothing and personal items, save money and space with multi-functional furniture. Storage beds like the Vogue bed frame with underbed storage are a smart alternative to traditional bases. This particular bed frame lifts up and contains plenty of storage space for extra blankets and pillows. Many people also opt to use it to store seasonal clothing, paperwork or items that aren't in daily use.

If you prefer everything to be out on display then you might prefer a bed frame with headboard shelving, like the Chelsea bed frame or Wellard bed frame.

You should also look for additional storage opportunities with furniture pieces like your bedside table. Eschew simple tabletop bedsides in favour of those with drawers as this will provide more storage where you need it, allowing you to keep items such as your water bottle or phone charger close by at night and hidden from view.

Edit your items

If your bedroom is feeling cluttered, it could be because you have more items than you need lying around. A busy bedroom is usually a sign that there are things that don't belong. Take stock of what's inside and keep an inventory of items as this will help you to identify what really needs to be there, and what perhaps belongs in a different room. Many people choose to keep furniture like desks or bookshelves in their bedroom, but it's often the case that they would be better positioned in a spare bedroom, study space or even the living room. It's also common to keep a TV in the bedroom. This can be a source of both clutter and distraction, keeping you awake at night and making your space feel smaller. If you're finding yourself up late at night watching Netflix, it might be time to relocate the TV somewhere else. Also be mindful of whether you're keeping items that might be better off in storage or your garage in the bedroom. Many of us keep extrastrenous items, like out-of-season clothing sitting around. If you don't use it regularly, or won't use it for several months, pack it away and move it out of your bedroom.

Choose the correct bed size

abigail bed

Sometimes a bedroom can feel cluttered because your bed and mattress are simply too large for the space. Many people reason that they're more comfortable on a big mattress, but the daily discomfort of living in a space that feels cramped and small can also take a toll. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, consider downsizing your bed. If you sleep alone, you might for instance want to consider a singleking single or double bed over larger options, whilst couples might want to choose to opt for a queen size mattress and bed over a king or super king mattress.

Plan your bedroom

One of our top tips for organising your bedroom is to plan the layout before you make any changes. Check the dimensions of all of your furniture and create a visual layout of your space to optimise flow and decrease clutter. Planning out your space is a great way to ensure that any new bedroom furniture items are going to fit well and work in your bedroom.

So, there you have it! Our quick guide to turning your bedroom into a clutter-free zone. For more storage ideas to help you declutter, check out our article here or read up on how to transform a small bedroom into the perfect storage space!

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