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20th May 2019, 07:27:54 AM

How much sleep do we really need?

Remember when Mum or Dad used to call out, ‘Bedtime kids!!’ We all need sleep and the amount of sleep changes by age. How many hours of sleep are enough?

Age Range

Recommended Hours of Sleep

Under 1 year old 9-10 consecutive night-time hours
3 combined hours of naps
1-4 years old 9-10 night-time hours of sleep
2-3 combined hours of naps
4-20 years old 9-10 night-time hours of sleep
Over 18 years old 7-8 night-time hours of sleep

The sleep ranges mentioned here are approximate. Why the overlap between 18 to 20 year olds? Our bodies mature out of the teen development stages at different times. Stress from school or university, work hours and transitions into adult lifestyles may mean we need more sleep into our early adulthood.

Quality of Sleep is as Important as How Much Sleep

The quality of sleep is as important as the amount of sleep we get. If you have trouble getting into deep sleep, are sick or emotionally stressed out, you will need more sleep. If you are over tired from lack of sleep due to travel, celebrating or stress, you will need to give yourself more time before sleep to get to sleep.

What you eat, when you eat and your bedtime will also change the quality of sleep you get.

Do Naps Count As Sleep

Yes! Naps count as part of the total sleep you get in a day. Keep in mind that you need to plan enough time to relax before a nap, get at least 40 minutes of sleep during a nap and give yourself enough time to adjust to waking up. Watch for a future article where we talk about a member of our family who has perfected the art of napping.

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